5 Powerful Customer Service Hacks To Increase Your Bottom Line

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Scripture says if you want friends, show yourself friendly, imagine how well this concept also works to gain customers and clients if you’re a Business Owner or Entrepreneur.

Recently a friend asked me if I knew of a good nail salon in town and I was able to recommend one to her gladly. Why? Because the customer service at this particular salon stood out from several other salons in the area, on top of a noticeably good job with the actual service.


If you’re familiar with nail salons and how they operate, you know that most of the staff are of Asian backgrounds. As a customer at times it can be uncomfortable when the employees are conversing in their native language, which is confusing if we don’t know it.


“Are they talking about me, judging how bad my nails/feet look, saying something negative, etc?” The conclusion that people may be low-key dissing us if there is a language barrier is not uncommon.

Tone of voice and general self-confidence have their part in our perception of what may be being said, but good vibes and sincere politeness are generally easy to catch in any language. Our aura most certainly has a direct effect on business.


Communication is key for customers. At the heart of great customer service is communication. People know when they are being properly communicated with. The service at the nail salon, was so good I naturally wanted to make noise about it, even give the business a shout out on social media which I rarely do unless the service is really good. When my friend asked me if I knew of a place, I was happy to give her a name. She took the referral with surety because she knew what I meant when I explained about not feeling uncomfortable in a nail salon.


Excellent customer service is the signature of the most notable companies in the world. Here are a few tips that may help get your brand or business in the major leagues:


Acknowledge Often and Intentionally

They say first impressions are the lasting ones. Reception makes a major impact. This sounds simple, but sadly some receptions at places of business are not warm. Due to lack of training or general ignorance.  How people are received at the door is a first step toward success. A hotel chain that I used to work for, which is currently the top one in the entire world, has a 5-foot rule. All staff must greet any guest that is within 5 feet of them.  Acknowledge customers quickly and with a smile. Make it undeniably clear to customers that their presence and their desires matter.


Be a Dynamic Listener

This works to give you the absolute best response.


Practice Courtesy and Consideration

Pleasant, gracious, cordial. Just a few words that come up as synonyms for courtesy. There is a skill and an art to courtesy. Those that have it win. Be kind to people. If this is not something that comes naturally it may be something very good to practice if you’re running a business. Keep in mind that at the end of it all you’re in business to serve. Listen and engage with sincerity. Provide service as kindly as possible. Stay gracious and get your paper.


Pay Close Attention to Detail

Noticing the “little things” really means a lot.


Stay Woke in Your Word Choice

What you say is a big deal. “My Pleasure” is a more powerful response than “You’re Welcome” and there is a particular chicken sandwich chain that knows this very well. Word choice can make the difference between mediocre and excellent service. A lot of customer loyalty and retention can be found in kind wording. I once worked with a supervisor who would cringe if any agent he managed used the words “No problem.” when responding to a guest.  Saying “you’re welcome” was better suited to his particular taste. Mindful dialogue can be a dynamic piece in a company’s culture and overall success.


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