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What’s Your Maximum Capacity

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So you started a new business and excitement is in the air.  Perhaps you had a grand opening or an all-out, red carpet affair.  You’re excited because you know your business is going to burst through the roofs.  Yes, we know you’re going to help others, but let’s face it, business is about making a profit, right?  You’ve been busy marketing and promoting, and the customers and clients are coming in. My question is- can you successfully serve them all?  

No matter where you go, every business location, if legal, and have went through the proper channels, have a maximum occupancy or capacity.  This is important for safety regulations, and if not followed, can result in serious repercussions and even fines. Well today, not all businesses are brick and mortar, but does this eliminate you from having a maximum capacity?  Is there a such thing as “too much” or “too many”, when it comes to your business? How do you determine if you are in over your head or have reached your maximum capacity? Do you even have a maximum capacity?

To answer this question, I think a better look at the definition would help.  The word maximum is used to describe an amount, which is the largest that is possible, allowed or required.  According to Webster, the word capacity is the maximum amount or number that can be contained or accommodated.  When put together, maximum capacity is the largest amount or number that can be properly handled or accommodated, at a particular time.  Do you have a limit, a cut off, a maximum number of people you can serve, help or accommodate at a time?

I’ve seen it happen, more often than not.  Business owners taking on more than they can handle, causing frustrations on either themselves or their customers and clients. There are many reasons as to why a business take on more than they can actually handle, but here are a two good ones:

  1. Afraid to lose the business or the money.
  2. Haven’t figured out that they are human, and feel they can handle it.

Either way, when taking on more than you can accommodate, you have exceeded your maximum capacity, for that moment or season, and if ignored, it can cause serious repercussions for either the business owner, the client or customer, or both.  When a business owner takes on more than they can handle, it often results in poor or late service, customer abuse and neglect, and frustration and aggravation to both, the business owner and the client or customer.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a desire to grow and seeking more clients and customers for your business.  That’s the whole idea—to grow! You just need to know your limits. Increase in any form requires MORE from you, and of you.  Knowing your maximum capacity and staying within your limits is vital to you, as well as your business.


Pastor Clarissa Johnson

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