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Let’s Face It

By June 6, 2018 No Comments

Let’s face it: love is confusing. Love is the most powerful force on the face of the Earth, but many of us spend years trying to realize the truth of love. Is this supposed to be the reality of walking in love? Confusion? Many statements that are commonly repeated about love speak to the error of how we comprehend love. For instance, take “I just can’t stop loving you” by Ray Charles, or “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right” by Luther Ingram.

Well what’s the issue here? These songs rose to the top of the billboards in their day, which speaks to how well these notions of love connected to the people at that time; but let’s look at the fruit. Why would someone who is married state they don’t want to be right in letting go of an adulterous relationship for the one they made vows to? Why would someone choose to remain lost in the emotions of a relationship that is long gone, and waste their life thinking about what happened ten years ago? Does this make sense? Is this truly what love is?

These songs are popular and celebrated, but why do we standardize these situations as love? It is safe to say that having an affair in any capacity is damaging and destructive to all parties involved. It is also safe to say that people who dwell in the emotions of yesterday have a difficult time connecting with what is happening today. If we accept these statements as true, then we must also admit that this is false love. If we admit that these emotions we claim as being “love” have bad results, then either love is not worth the effort, or there is a need to seek and define what true love really means. Let’s look at the word of God.

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