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Don’t Drown

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As a young boy, my grandmother would take my brother and me to the local swimming pool for swimming lessons. Although, my brother was excited, I dreaded the idea of being emerged in the deep end of the pool. It took me forever to change into my swim trunks. I sat on the bench in the locker room for as long as I could. The sound of water splashing and other kids screaming and laughing caused my soul to cringe.

Getting in the water to me wasn’t the hard part; the hard part was following the instructions of a person whom had my life in their hands. My fears held me back from learning how to swim. After several attempts, the lifeguard directed me to the lower end of the pool. In the lower end, I felt safer because it was a smaller amount of water and fear didn’t exist.

Our walk with Christ is like my story, too many times we fear the process. Christ died on the cross for us to live and have life abundantly. Free will has caused us to believe we have all the answers to all the issues we may face in life. We tend to forget Christ has been seated on the right side of the throne and an intercessor on our behalf.

Today, what are you focused on? Are you focused on your fears or are you focused on a God that is more than certified to rescue you in moments of danger? Don’t fight the process or your help, relax and trust that God knows exactly what you need. Give your fears to an experienced and certified God. In times of danger trust that God has his eye on you and no matter what happens in life, don’t allow fear to take you under, Don’t Drown!!!

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