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Doing Business As A Christian

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Catherine Tukes

CatLaw Creative Solutions


“A false balance and dishonest business practices are extremely offensive to the LORD, but an accurate scale is HIS delight.”


As a Christian Business Owner, I have always tried to be fair and integral with every client and other business owners. It hasn’t been easy because, often, a lot of our colleagues, though they profess “Christ”, use false balances and dishonest business practices. I’ve learned not to be harsh or judgmental and to pray whenever I see something that’s not in good taste as far as business ethics is concerned. I stray away from negative business practices or people who belittles your business just to promote theirs. I believe we have to delight in our Father in all we say or do, and this includes in our business practices. We have to trust God and know that HE will provide so we are not out there over charging or sharking clients and other business owners. We don’t have to steal ideas and practices from other Christian Business Owners. We can work together in unity and glean from one another. However, all too often I see people stealing ideas from another brother or sister, and or people lying and scheming just to make a profit. I often wonder, “Whatever happened to purpose over profit?” I remember a business coach saying, “When you turn your passion into a profit everybody wins!” I allowed that nugget to resonate deep in my heart. I am passionate about helping new and established authors, but I do not go out there like a shark being overly aggressive. I know how to trust God and be honest in all my business practices.


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